QR Code Payment - Vending

Internal Payment System (CHANGEME)

Hello! 🙂

Today we are presenting a joint solution that was initially developed by Qiba.connect. A portuguese tech company that works in close relationship with us here at Qibixx!

Our partner Qiba offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to developing or deploying payment systems for your company, school, vending machine booth, laundry, etc…

This solution allows you to integrate Qiba’s payment terminals with your own payment server,or in turn, develop your own payment terminal to integrate with Qiba’s Management Server.

You don’t want to develop anything? Then you just need to use our Payment Terminal and Management Server combined.

Regardless of which of the aforementioned options is chosen, this solution can be used to provide your customers with an account that can be topped up with credit to be used on MDB vending machines, without the need of cash or Bank Credit Cards.

  • Static QR Code: Clients Scan the Static QR Code on the machine and enter their client data, stored in browser data. The purchase confirmation is sent to the Payment Terminal Through a Web App.
  • RFID Chip/Card: Client account is tied to the RFID ID scanned by a Mifare Reader (USB Pluggable, 13.56MHz)

Techical Support

In case any issues arise, our technical support is ready to help you. Qiba has a dedicated engineering team to support your application or specific case. We have trained and built a large portfolio of agents and solutions in vending both in Qibixx and in Qiba to make sure that everyone gets the customized experience they need.

“We have worked with Qibixx through their main distributor Qiba and we have received an all-around great support and technical expertise”

Easy Installation

Both the Management Servers and the Payment Terminals are easy to install and get running.

Easy Integration with Custom Terminals or Servers
If your plan is to develop a custom server or terminal, it can easily be integrated with Qiba’s as long as the communication is made through the defined API.

Use Cases

Any Customer Account based systems, such as:

  • Schools – Each employee or Student has his account
  • Companies – Give a free coffee to your employees, or let them top-up credit if they need more fuel
  • Laundries – Create accounts for your customers and provide them with additional credit or promotions for loyal members.

That’s all for today! Thank you for reading

João C.
Qibixx AG