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Building a Vending Machine


Building a Vending Machine is a challenge. All kinds of motors, sensors and contacts need to be controlled and monitored. Feedback from motors and valves often is difficult to get (for example, the top position). Qibixx' VEMIO products come to the rescue!
The products, together with your Raspberry - or other controlling Computer - acts as a VMC, a "Vending Machine Controller", and allows you to easily interface motors in the usual matrix fashion, receive feedback from sensors (door sensor, drop sensor), and even allow control of the temperature inside the machine.
This Vending Machine IO device connects to the host via USB.

How does VEMIO work?

The VEMIO Product series provides USB connected IO interfaces which can be ideally used to build vending machines with hosts like Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC and other standard computers.

The devices use a virtual USB Serial connection and an ASCII protocol (line based) so they are very easy to use and control from a host.

VEMIO 1 and VEMIO 2 provide functions like:

  • Keypad simulator (VEMIO 1)
  • Matrix drivers (high and low side drivers for 12V or 24V systems)
  • Current detection
  • Control signal scanning
  • Temperature monitoring (VEMIO 2)
  • Analog Input Reading (VEMIO 1)
Vemio Scheme by Qibixx

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Payment Interfaces, VMC Controllers and more!

MDB-USB Interfaces

Payment Interfaces for Vending Machines. Connecting MDB to Computers via USB.

Raspberry Pi Extensions

MDB Interfaces in Raspberry Pi HAT formats. Ideal for developing.

VMC IO Boards

Our VEMIO products are capable of build ing vending machines with hosts like Raspberry Pi, Intel NUC and other standard computers.


Unigate is a Linux based MDB device with Master, Slave/Peripheral and Sniffing capabilities.



Fully programmable I/O device server based on Linux/Lede/OpenWRT. Ideal for integrating with 3rd party control systems.

Analysis Tool for MDB

Our MDB Toolchest is a Java software capable of reporting MDB messages in the MDB Bus.

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